Articulated Arm for iPad & Monitor Wall Mount

Light Monitor or Tablet Mount *

The MX Mini is an ideal mount for lightweight displays. Combining premium features with an attractive finish, it offers a slim profile and expansive height adjustment range along with full tilt, pan and rotation capability. Gain ergonomic comfort and enhanced productivity with a stylish and affordable monitor arm.

CLICK HERE   To create an ultra-flexible tablet arm, add an accessory tablet holder.

Product Benefits

  • Specially designed for mounting lightweight monitors and tablets like Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface
  • When combined with the accessory Lockable Tablet Mount, the MX Mini becomes a secure and ergonomic tablet arm solution
  • Cable management feature captures and routes cables inside the arm and extension, out of the way
  • Extremely low profile of 3.9″ (10 cm) when arm is folded back
  • Extends a monitor or tablet screen up to 19.5″ (50 cm); push your display out of the way when not in use
  • Easy to use: simple installation and effortless operation
  • Extremely durable with 10-year warranty


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