Desktop Metal Copy Holder
The extra-wide and extra deep document holder is a stable and versatile way to bring documents or books to an ergonomically correct viewing position. Encourages low risk body posture while reading or inputting documents. Minimizes neck, upper back and shoulder stress. Puts document in the same vertical plane as the monitor. It reduces eye movement and refocusing, thereby minimizing eyestrain. Easy viewing position maximizes data input speed.

Benefits :

  • Will hold tabloids and ledger size papers or books
  • Supports heavy documents (books, ring binders)
  • Allows easy viewing
  • Keeps documents in place for easy reading
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

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Features :

  • Extra-wide and extra-deep platform
  • Steel easel base that sits on top of desk
  • Versatile angle adjustments with locking lever
  • Magnetic line guide
  • Black
  • Dimensions: 16.6″ / 42.1 cm x 9.9″ / 25.1 cm

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