Vu Ryte VuRyser 1 Plus Monitor Stand (black)
These monitor risers allow you to choose the right height for your monitor. Can be used with a normal monitor (CRT) or a LCD monitor. Note that the picture shown 2 VuRyser Stack together. They will help you adjust the top of your screen to the proper eye level. With the 1” and 2” increment blocks available, you choose the number of blocks you require to attain the desired height. They simply stack on one another in any combination. The risers can also be use to elevate other office equipment, like a printer or a fax machine. You also gain storage space under your monitor, printer or fax.


  • Color Black
  • Elevates 1″
  • Stackable (can be used with VuRyte document support)
  • Size : 11 ¼” x 11 ¼” x 1″
  • Supports up to 60 lbs/ 27.2 kg
  • Storage for CD’s, etc.

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