IntekView Keyboard Tray with Copy Holder for Right Handed

Why a Keyboard Tray without a Copy Holder ?

This Keyboard Tray Kit incorporates a Copy Holder to simplify your tasks and clear your desk. With this set easily adjustable, You’ll have a more ergonomic position, and therefore avoiding physical problems such as RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) or MSD (musculoskeletal disorder). An essential product for a perfect ergonomic workstation.


  • Close over your keyboard and it is easy to write note at ease the ergonomic ways.
  • Make the document in a perfect position to make entry in your system with out repositioning your vertical view and see your monitor on top.
  • This system saves your desk from unnecessary tool and as space saver (no copy holder on your desk).
  • The copy holder closes on the keyboard save it against dust and others accident that may occur.
  • When desired, Copy Holder can be removed easily.

** Available with all IntekView Keyboard Tray Kit on Demand **

This Keyboard Tray Kit includes:

  • Lever-free Mechanism with cable management on 7″ ¼, an integrated cable guide, an easy reach soft-touch knob for a + and – 15 degree tilt adjustment and a EZ-Glide track system on 21″
  • Keyboard Tray 25″x 10″ ¾ x ¼ – Almost Indestructible
  • Non-skid and mouse carpet included
  • Ergosecure foam Wrist-Rest 19″ x 2″ ½ and covered with Lycra
  • Copy Holder 15″ x 10″
  • Copy Holder is in Acrilyque transparent
  • Line Guide for Copy Holder included

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