Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm

Not unlike the mechanism on your chair that controls the way it interacts with your movements and demands throughout the day your keyboard arm fills that same function as you work with your keyboard and mouse. The more intensive that work is the more important it is that you select the correct arm to match your individual stature, preferred working postures, furniture layout and task demands. EA offers a solution for virtually every user and set of circumstances whether the primary consideration is upward/downward range, compact storage, intuitive user-friendly design, budget or stability of use, you will find exactly what you need to transform the way you work and deliver the level of comfort to allow you to perform at your best day after day.

Mechanism Specifications:

  • 12½” (318mm) total height adjustment range, 7″ (178mm) up; 5″ ½ (140mm) down
  • Soft-touch wheel adjusts tilt with each turn (+10°/-20°)
  • Separate control for locking independent tilt adjustment, +10°/-20°
  • Optional positive tilt lock-out
  • No knob, lever or ratchet handle required to set height; simply lift to desired position and release
  • One hand wheel tilt height adjustment, no knobs, levers or ratchets required
  • 360º rear swivel for optimal keyboard tray positioning
  • 23″ track
  • Rugged steel construction finished in a durable black textured powder coat

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