Why  choose an Ergonomic Mouse
A good ergonomic mouse can prevent many troubles caused by repetitive actions often associated with poor posture.

Ergonomic Mice allow a more neutral posture of the arm and forearm, and limit stress points at the elbow and shoulder. The arm should not be too far from the body, nor twisted as is the case with conventional mice, which force to rotate the arm inward to put the hand on it. The fingers should be soft and relaxed on the mouse. Ideally, the hand is in the extension of the forearm without feeling tension.

Why use an ergonomic mouse? It reduces the pressure around the wrist. People who regularly use a computer can sometimes have wrist, finger and shoulder pain because of the long hours spent in front of the computer involving the use of a keyboard and a mouse.

With an ergonomic mouse, a person will not exert the same amount of tension and pressure on his wrists and on his fingers. The difference between a traditional mouse and an ergonomic mouse is that you do not need to put pressure on your fingers and you can easily scroll, click and steer the cursor without any pressure on your wrist.

Pointer speed and cursor accuracy are important points. If the speed is too slow, too much wrist movement is unnecessary. The pointer is at the right speed if, to bring it horizontally from one edge to the other of the screen, you do not need to move the mouse more than 5 cm.

Anyone who uses an ergonomic mouse for the first time will find the experience strange and weird, but you’ll get used to it easily and wonder why you did not think about it before.

Nowadays, there are different kinds of ergonomic mice on the market and several ranges are available. At EHS-Canada, we have selected a good choice of Ergonomic Mouse, easy to use for both right and left handed users. Choose the right mouse for you without breaking your head.

Some people who switched from the conventional mouse to the ergonomic mouse said that the pain in their wrists and arms disappeared some time after the change.


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