The Astra 3 Single Arm LED task light is designed to provide high performance, efficient lighting in work environments where space is at a premium. Astra 3 features industry leading light output and high CRI LEDs that provide a crisp, white light for color accuracy with no shadowing effect.

The programmable dimming, auto shut off feature, and plug in occupancy sensor gives users the perfect level of control and light adjustability needed for virtually any task. When combined with one of our mounting options including our Tool Bar/ Slatwall Mount, Table Base or C-clamp, the Astra 3 Single Arm task light is the ultimate space saving solution.

Astra Specifications

  • 19.8″ Reach from base/mount
  • Bright white light output: 3100K, 93 CRI
  • Included occupancy sensor
  • Continuous dimming from 100% – 5%
  • Touch button on/off & dimming controls
  • UL Certified, Energy Star Compliant Luminaires V1.2
  • 50,000+ hour life LED’s (L70 rating)
  • 5 year fixture warranty
  • Available in silver

12 W transformer included:

  • 24 V, 0.5 A, Class 2 transformer: 3″ × 1.125″ × 1.75″
  • Two prong plug on 6 ft cord, connects to 3 ft cord attached to fixture

PDF   Astra 3 Single Arm, Installation Instructions
PDF   Astra 3 Desk Base, Installation Instructions
PDF   Astra 3 Two Piece C Clamp, Installation Instructions
PDF   Astra 3 Toolbar & Slatwall Mount, Installation Instructions
PDF   Astra 3 Occupancy Sensor Installation Instructions

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