ErgoRest Long Pad with Mouse Plate (White)

This kit is for one Forearm only. ERGOREST forearm support with Long Cushion and a Mouse Pad is ergonomically designed to provide a support for the forearm and to relieve muscle strain and tension from neck and shoulder area. Ergorest forearm support is specially designed for office and industrial use, such as data terminal and light factory assembling tasks. Ergorest forearm support is lightweight and easily movable.

The support is made of aluminium alloy and polyamid, the pad is upholstered with genuine leather. The forearm support is attached to tabletop by adjustable clamps. It also has a height adjustment screw. Scientific studies revealed that Ergorest could significantly reduce muscular strain, blood circulation irregularity, numbness and pain. Ergorest also helps prevent users to develop bursitis, epicondilitis and the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel.

Dimensions :

  • 27.1 cm (10 5/8″) arm
  • Standard attach clamp up to 4.3 cm (1 5/8″)
  • The optional Large clamp (E3574) will accommodate surfaces up to 5.5 cm (2 1/5″) thick
  • Mouse tray and pad 20 cm x 24 cm (7 7/8″) x 9½”
  • Armpad : 20 cm (5 1/8″) long
  • Color is black

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