Height Adjustable Steel Footrest with Handle

The FR300 is a high-quality, standalone steel footrest designed to provide optimal comfort. It is well known that standing is beneficial for health, but doing so for extended periods can be tiring. That’s why a sturdy and adjustable footrest is essential. The FR300 reduces pressure on your muscles, knees, and ankles. With 6 relaxing height settings, it accommodates most users and enables a comfortable seated posture. Its fully steel construction ensures optimal stability and easily supports the weight of your resting leg. The padded surface offers a soft texture while preventing any slippage. The soft foam handle enlarges the contact surface between your hand and the steel pole, facilitating a secure grip. The FR300 is easy to use and provides an immediate comfortable effect by simply placing a foot on the device.


  • – 6 height settings: accommodates most users
  • – Foam cushion: prevents scratches and accidental falls (safely keeps the device in place)
  • – Fully steel construction: securely holds the weight you place on the footrest
  • – Soft handle: easy to carry


  • – Material: Steel
  • – Dimensions: 400x339x366 mm (15.7″x13.3″x14.4″)
  • – Color: Textured black
  • – Weight capacity: 25 kg (55 lb)
  • – Height range: 153-278 mm
  • – Tilt angle: 10°
  • – Certification: CA 65
  • – Included accessory kit: None

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