Steel Laptop Holder with USB-C ports

Available at the beginning of July

Revolutionize your work experience with the IntekView LR300 laptop stand. Designed to provide exceptional ergonomic comfort and unparalleled versatility, this stand is the must-have accessory for your workspace.


360° Rotation: With its innovative design allowing for a full 360-degree rotation, the IntekView LR300 stand offers you the freedom to share your screen and ideas seamlessly during meetings or work sessions.

Optimized Ergonomics: Enjoy optimal comfort with the ability to adjust the height and angle of the stand according to your preferences. Elevate your screen to eye level to reduce shoulder and neck tension, promoting a healthy and productive posture.

Reinforced Stability: Crafted from high-quality materials, the IntekView LR300 stand ensures exceptional stability, even with heavier laptops. Its robust design guarantees a smooth experience, allowing you to focus fully on your work.

Advanced Heat Dissipation: Strategically placed ventilation holes ensure efficient heat dissipation, preserving optimal performance for your laptop even during extended work sessions.

Versatile Connectivity: Equipped with USB-C ports, the IntekView LR300 stand offers advanced connectivity to meet all your peripheral needs. With 1x Type C input and 1x Type C output, as well as 3x USB 3.0 outputs, you can easily connect your external devices and maximize your productivity.

Universal Compatibility: Suitable for laptops up to 17 inches, the IntekView LR300 stand is compatible with a wide range of brands, ensuring versatile use in both professional and home environments.

Rethink your workspace with the IntekView LR300 laptop stand. Its innovative design and advanced features make it the ideal accessory for increased productivity and optimal comfort every day.

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