The Goldtouch Mice allows you to lighten your wrist and work smoothly. There is a whole range of Goldtouch mice. You have the choice with the traditional mouse wired, wireless through the vertical mouse.

I would like to talk to you about the Comfort-Fit semi-upright mouse, for example, which lightenes the wrist and places it at a 24 ° pronation angle, eliminating wrist strength, a major cause of TMS. Placing the hand at 24 ° Goldtouch Comfort plus Mouse Padwill transfer the weight of the hand to the palm reducing the pressure of the muscles of the hand, joints and tendons. I like this mouse because it is a path between a full vertical mouse and semi vertical. She’s just perfect. This angle can also be considered as an alternative position for users who can not use a 90 ° ergonomic mouse and for whom an intermediate position is required.

Change your traditional mouse for an ergonomic mouse without having to drastically change the position / pronation of your hand and thus reduce wrist pain.

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